The first meeting of the Task Force Rural Africa, a European Commission initiative meant to promote the development of African agriculture, happened on May 24. The group, composed of 11 experts in agriculture, trade and other areas, will develop recommendations for the strengthening of the EU-Africa partnership on agriculture and food.

The task force’s duties will consist of providing advice for obtaining public and private investment in African sustainable agriculture; analyzing the best ways to generate jobs and revenue in rural Africa; identifying strategies for the promotion of the African agricultural policy and to support African young people who work in agriculture; amongst others.

“The growing young African population is a tremendous resource, with significant potential for economic opportunity, business growth and investment from third countries. And nowhere is this potential stronger than in the agriculture and agri-food sector, which employs up to 75% of the African labor force while representing less than 33% of African GDP,” said Phil Hogan, the European Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development, at the kick-off meeting.

In January 2019, the experts will present a report with their recommendations and proposals for initiatives to happen under the Africa-EU Partnership.

Photo: CIAT

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