How do you say Agroop? Until recently, we always said it the same way. Ah-groop. But now, things have changed. Ah-grroop. Ah-groo-peeh. The spelling of our name remains unchanged, but 2018 will go down in our history as the year we started hearing it spoken in many different ways.

Agroop is now in 8 eight countries across 3 continents. In Europe, we’ve branched out to Italy and Spain, besides Portugal. In America, we’re in Brazil, Paraguay, Chile, and Colombia. And, since that wasn’t enough, we decided to cross 16.000 kilometers and enter Australia.

“The fact that Agroop has been able to reach 8 countries in half a year, an accomplishment obtained mostly organically, confirms our assumptions about the importance of the scalability of our products. Agroop is – and will continue to – help democratize access to technology in the farming sector. 2018 is the year when that became evident for the first time.

For 2019, we foresee further expansion, with the focus on reaching new international partners,” said Bruno Fonseca, Agroop’s CEO.

Nearly 1000 hectares and 35 crops

All in all, our Stoock multi-sensors are monitoring nearly 1000 hectares of farmland. With the data sourced by the Stoock, along with the analysis provided by our farm management app, Agroop Cooperation, our clients – farmers, agronomists, companies and farmers associations – are currently managing 35 different crops.

In Portugal, the most relevant crops are pears, apples, blueberries, vine, olive trees, tomatoes, potatoes, and grass – but our clients grow many more. In Brazil, coffee, pineapple, and orange are the highlight. In Australia, our clients grow opium, raspberries, and garlic. In Paraguay, our products are being used to monitor strawberries; in Chile, vine; in Colombia, flowers; in Italy, oranges; finally, our Spanish clients chose our solution to monitor tomatoes.

The technological solution that brings agronomists and farmers together

Saving resources, preventing risks and improving production with a combo of software and hardware for agronomists and farmers: this is Agroop’s solution.

The Stoock multi-sensor is installed by the end user in the field, where it gathers data about the crops, which it sends, in real time, to Agroop Cooperation. This is our web and mobile app for farm monitoring and management.

The combination of the two allows the user to analyze production factors, crop quality parameters, and water needs; prevent risk factors such as fungi, diseases, and plagues; and, thus, improve productivity.

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