AgTech, precision agriculture, agriculture 4.0, blockchain, drones, IoT – these are words we hear more and more in the farming industry. But what do they mean and how can they be an asset for farmers, agronomists, and companies?

To answer this question, we put together a selection of 5 blog articles that focus on these issues. Read them below.

1. What is AgTech? Learn about the movement that’s changing agriculture

The number of startups around the world that have created tech products with the purpose of making agriculture more efficient, precise and productive have increased exponentially since 2013. The values of investment in the sector have increased significantly as well.

This movement has a name – agriculture technology, or AgTech. Read the article here.

2. What is the Internet of Things and how is it changing agriculture?

We live in a connected world. Devices and objects now have the ability to be online, managing and communicating data with minimal human intervention. This phenomenon is called the Internet of Things (IoT) and the agricultural sector has been using it for transformative results.

Making agriculture more efficient and productive is urgent – and increasingly more companies and professionals in the area are starting to realize the potential of IoT for this effect. Read the article here.

3. Three AgTech trends to watch in 2018

In the last few years, have witnessed not only the emergence of several innovative AgTech companies but also the exponential growth of investment in this area. The purpose of their products – ranging from crop monitoring and farm management software to soil sensors – is to make agriculture more efficient, smarter and more predictable.

Here are 3 AgTech trends that will shape the sector in 2018. Read the article.

4. Beyond Bitcoin: How blockchain will transform agriculture

When you read the term “blockchain”, it’s likely that you’ll immediately think about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Indeed, that has been the most common use of this technology. But this is only the beginning of the story: blockchain has a lot more to offer beyond digital currency. Its potential to transform a myriad of industries – from finance to agriculture – is enormous.

With the news that Louis Dreyfus Company, a US merchant of agricultural goods, completed a deal using blockchain – a first in the agricultural sector – it seems clear: blockchain applied to agriculture is here to stay. Read the article here.

5. Who benefits from Big Data in agriculture?

A new study by investigators from CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation), an Australian organization, looks at the perceptions, among members of the farming industry, on the usage of Big Data. The study, “Is big data for big farming or for everyone? Perceptions in the Australian grains industry”, is the result of the analysis of 26 interviews with cereal industry stakeholders from Australia. Read the article here.

Photo: United Soybean Board

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