Nowadays, new technologies are becoming more and more an important tool for farmers and agronomists – and for good reason. Apps are a great example:  many can help you run your farm more efficiently, save time and resources and improve yields.

To help you navigate this world, we’ve selected 5 apps that we recommend for both farmers and agronomists.

1. Calcagro – Farming Calculator

Calcagro is an app that allows its users to calculate values such as yield rate, planting rate, seeding rate, profit deduction calculation, among others.

It’s quite easy to use and free – get it on Google Play.

2. Agroop Cooperation

Agroop Cooperation allows you to monitor your crops more efficiently, in combination with a multi-sensor called Stoock.

How does it work? The Stoock is installed by the user in the field, where it gathers data about the crops, which it sends in real time to Agroop Cooperation.

The combination of the two makes it possible for the user to analyze water needs and get watering recommendations; analyze production factors; prevent plagues and diseases; send or receive recommendations; make field records; and more.

Learn more here. Get the app on Google Play or iTunes.

3. Plantix

This app detects plant diseases, plagues or nutritional deficiencies through a photo taken by the user with a smartphone. Using artificial intelligence, image recognition, and learning algorithms, the app detects over 120 kinds of damage for 30 crops. Plantix also provides treatment suggestions.

The app is free and available for Android.

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4. Field Navigator

A very simple but useful app: it makes it easier for the farmer to drive a tractor along parallel lines even with low visibility or poor weather conditions. Thus, it keeps the farmer from going over already treated areas or from leaving areas untreated.

This app is also free and available for Android.

5. Commodity Price Online

Want to stay up to date on global commodity prices? Then this app is for you. Commodity Price Online gives you real-time prices of corn, wheat, soybean, and other commodities.

It’s free and you can get it for Android here.

Start your journey towards more productivity with Agroop Cooperation.