Credit: Bayer

Farming is complex. It involves constantly making important decisions with multiple factors to consider.

And yet, being precise is essential. That’s why it’s important for farmers and agronomy consultants to use tools that allow them to make decisions more precisely; that make managing and monitoring easier; and that enable process automation.

This is where AgTech, or agriculture technology, comes in. The term is used to describe technology that makes agriculture more precise and controlled, such as sensors, software, robots, drones, etc.

You still haven’t adopted AgTech into your farm or your agronomy consultancy business? Here are three reasons that may change your mind.

1. It helps you save resources

One of AgTech’s main advantages is that it can help you save resources. Time, water and agrochemicals are some of the resources you can economize on.

As an example, let’s look at the combined use of a multi-sensor and management/monitoring software. With the multi-sensor installed in the field, gathering crop data, and with the software to analyze that data, it’s possible, for instance, to create alerts for conditions that are favorable to the appearance of diseases or plagues.

With this information, the user can take preventative action, acting in the right moment and saving on agrochemicals which he would have to use if a plague or disease had attacked the plants.

This way, a farmer can reduce costs and yield losses.

2. It can make your crops healthier

Another benefit of adopting AgTech is the improvement of crops’ health and profitability.

This can be achieved in different ways. Let’s use as an example, once again, the combined use of a multi-sensor and software.

With the crop parameters gathered by the device, the producer can learn when and how much to water (even getting a daily watering recommendation); in the software, he can create alerts to prevent attacks by plagues or diseases, as mentioned above; and get weather forecasts which allow him to take preventative measures that will protect the plants from adverse weather conditions.

3. It can make your farm more profitable

The result of all this is the accomplishment of the most important goal for most farmers: increasing their farm’s profitability. AgTech allows you to do more with less – or the same with less.

By saving your resources, working faster and guaranteeing healthier crops, your farms’ profit has the potential to increase. And, along with it, its competitiveness in the market.

It all points to one fact: betting on precision agriculture technology is an investment that pays back.

Start increasing your farm’s – or your clients’ farms – efficiency today.