How did farmers’ association Louricoop, from Portugal, manage to save 32% in water and energy and even get higher quality yields? The answer: by using Agroop’s technology for farms: Stoock, a multi-sensor that monitors crops, and Agroop Cooperation, an app for water and risk management. Watch the video above to see the results.

Louricoop is a farmers’ association located in Lourinhã, Portugal, with over 5000 farmers. During the 2018 season – for a period of 4 months – one of Louricoop’s potato fields was the focus of a case study for Agroop’s technology.

During this time, the multi-sensor was installed in one of the field’s parcels, where it monitored the crop. At the same time, Louricoop’s leading agronomist, Luís Dionísio, used Agroop Cooperation to manage irrigation.


The case study intended to prove that Agroop’s technology enables water savings, specifically in a potato field. The parcel that was monitored by Agroop’s solution and a non-monitored parcel were compared throughout the analysis period.

Results: water and energy savings and better production

By the end of the case study, the expectations were met – and surpassed. In the parcel that was monitored by Agroop’s technology, Louricoop got:

  • 32% water savings
  • 32% energy savings
  • Potatoes with more uniform size and texture and skin of higher quality
  • 12.6% increase in net production

Agronomist Luís Dionísio sees the benefits of using Agroop’s multi-sensor, Stoock:

Here, it’s important to monitor with a sensor. I think it’s beneficial because potato growing requires under ground monitoring, something which we can’t guarantee [without a sensor].

As for the app, Agroop Cooperation, the experience was also positive:

It has a very user-friendly interface, both for the farmer and the agronomist. Very solidly built.

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