StartUs Insights, an organization for innovation intelligence and startup scouting, chose Portugal-based Agroop as one of the most disruptive startups in the AgriTech sector. The “AgriTech Innovation Map,” released in late September, identifies the “most promising AgriTech startups and technologies impacting the industry in the near future.”

Included in the list of startups to look for are also CropX, Gamaya, and Semios. The companies were chosen from a pool of about 950 candidates – but only eight made the cut.

For Bruno Fonseca, Agroop’s CEO, “it is always gratifying to see a Portuguese company like ours get international recognition especially when we’re side by side with other companies in the AgTech industry which have much more resources than we do. It’s good to know we’re achieving a lot with a little.”

Innovative technology for more sustainable farming

What distinguishes Agroop from other similar companies? For StartUs insights, it’s the “farm cloud management services and risk analysis solutions” that it provides, along with Agroop’s multi-sensor Stoock, which “provides a real-time monitor of temperature, weather, and moisture as well as the hydric balance of crops. Based on this, users can manage and analyze crops’ water needs, prevent risks such as plagues or diseases by creating alerts, centralize crops’ quality parameters, among other possibilities.”

“In order to overcome the critical challenges the agricultural industry faces and to ensure food security for an increasing population, companies and farmers as well as their plants need to be more innovative and resilient.” That’s where AgTech startups come in. “It leaves no doubt that technologies such as artificial intelligence, 3D Printing, and sensors will have an immense impact on the future of agriculture. Companies that move fast and integrate these smart solutions early on will be the industry leaders of tomorrow,” StartUs concluded.

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