Is technology the way to improve farming?” That’s the question the European Union is seeking to answer with a survey aimed at farmers from the 28 Member-States.

The targets of the survey are both “users and non-users” of Precision Agriculture Technologies and the goal is to draw “a comprehensive picture on the awareness, uptake and use” of these technologies.

“Precision Agriculture is an integrated information- and production-based farming system that aims at increasing the whole farm production efficiency, productivity and profitability while minimizing unintended impacts on the environment,” explains the EU in an official statement.

“In an agriculture market where gross margin and profitability are often getting tighter, the application of Precision Agriculture Technologies can potentially contribute to increase the economic, environmental and social performance of a farm,” it adds.

The survey is organised in partnership with Copa-Cogeca, CEMA, DG AGRI, Joint Research Centre, Eurostat, and the European Environment Agency.

Click here to participate in the survey until February 10.