A new study from the University of California has concluded that a 100% organic diet dramatically reduces the level of pesticides in the body.

Investigators studied 16 people (adults and children) from four different cities in the USA. Before starting an organic diet, the subjects’ urine was analyzed, and 14 different pesticides were found – which represents a potential exposure to 40 different pesticides.

For six days, the subjects adopted a completely organic diet. Then, new urine samples were taken and analyzed. The result: a 60.5% drop of pesticide levels.

The pesticides that registered the greatest drop were clothianidin – which is generally considered to be safe for humans, although questions have been raised -, malathion – that several studies have associated to an increased of developing cancer – and chlorpyrifos –  which have been linked to a greater risk of developing autism.

Previous studies had reached similar conclusions. However, researches note, more investigation is needed.

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