Water plays a vital role in the nourishment of cannabis plants. It lets the proper flow and absorption of nutrients in the soil, assists in photosynthesis, and maintains an optimum plant temperature. However, reducing the water consumption during cannabis culture is a priority among the government and farmers. Water management will help in solving 70 percent of water challenges around the world. That is where hydroponics comes into the picture. Considering hydroponic methods for farming will reduce environmental impact.

With that in mind, let’s look at three things, the what, why, and how of the water management system that one must know about CBD culture.

1. What is Hydroponics?

Hydroponics is the agriculture of plants in water without the use of soil. It helps save 70 to 90 percent more water due to recirculation and reuse of water. Almost any plant can be grown using hydroponics like herbs, leafy greens, and tomatoes. One of the most trending plants is cannabis or marijuana plant. Post legalization in some countries, people are growing cannabis for obtaining CBD extracts for both medicinal and recreational applications. The hydroponic system lets a person grow cannabis in all weather, indoors or outdoors. Domestic and commercial growers can cultivate cannabis plants with a new water management system, helping extract high-quality CBD.

With a growing number of cannabis growers, hydroponics can be an efficient and cost-effective way to increase production. Many CBD edible manufacturers, like the producers of CBD twisted extracts, are using hydroponics for CBD cultivation.

Now that the water management system-Hydroponic is understood, read on to know the benefits of a hydroponic water management system and why to use hydroponics.

2. Why use Hydroponics for CBD culture?

There are a lot of benefits to the hydroponics system. Here are a few:

No Soil

The prime advantage is the growth of plants without soil. There is a variety of soil around the world, and not having the right type of soil for cannabis growth can ruin the yield. Hydroponics is an excellent choice for cannabis cultivation for places where the land is not fertile and has rocky regions.

Efficient Space Management

Unlike traditional agriculture methods, a hydroponic set up doesn’t require much space. It can easily grow in less than a fifth of the space required to develop a soil-based plant. It ensures proper space allocation and gives a higher return on investment. Depending on the hydroponic technique, the growers use, water and nutrients are continuously supplied to the cannabis roots.

Less Labor Based

Whether using a hydroponic system for domestic or commercial purposes, it requires less labor. There is no labor needed in terms of tilling or plowing, otherwise necessary in the soil-based growth medium. This way, the hydroponic system reduces the running costs.

Weather Independent

One of the essential factors while growing cannabis is the weather, and it plays a critical role in the plant’s growth. This uncertainty can be easily eliminated with the hydroponic setups as they are grown in monitored conditions. Artificial grow lighting acts as a sunlight supplement, and water and nutrients are constantly provided. This way, cannabis growers can have good yield all year round.

Read ahead to know how to use hydroponics to cultivate cannabis.

3. How to use hydroponics for CBD culture?

The first step of cultivating cannabis is selecting a culture media, which can hold the roots and stems. This media lets the roots develop and gives good air passage to the root top. There are a variety of mediums available, like clay pebbles, perlite, coco coir, and Rockwool, each with unique benefits. One can experiment with each of these mediums to understand which one works best.

Once the grower decides on the medium, it is time to learn the type of hydroponic set up that works best for the plants to flourish. Here are the six types of setups:

Deep Water Culture (DWC)

DWC is an excellent option for a beginner in cannabis growth, as it is economical and does not require a medium. The roots of the plants stay suspended in an aerated, nutrient-rich solution pool. The plants in this setup grow faster because the roots don’t have to spread extensively in search of nutrients. They are low in maintenance, and the cannabis grower doesn’t have to worry about over watering as the entire system runs in an automated manner.

Ebb and Flow

In this system, the plants remain potted in a still medium with no nutrition. The growers then put the plants in a flood table with water input and outflow, that rests above a pool of nutrient-dense solution. Water and oxygen flood into the tray regularly, and this way, the roots are not always immersed in water. This setup is favorite among cannabis growers due to its ease in setting up and maintenance.

Nutrient Film Technique (NFT)

This system utilizes a trickle of nutrient-rich water that circulates through the plants. The major benefit of the NFT system is that it does not require powerful pumps or water chiller, which makes it very economical. The used water recycles, and there is minimal water loss. It gives excellent yields since water reaches the roots directly, making it easy to cultivate.

Drip System

This popular hydroponic system gives the grower control over the water and nutrients quantity and frequency using a timer. The cannabis cultivators place the plants into a thriving medium like perlite with individual dry pipes. In this system, the roots are never water-deficient, which is good, particularly for the arid region, where there is a water crisis for harvest.

Wick System

This is the easiest water management system that provides water to the plant through capillary action where the plant has to draw water through a piece of cloth or bandage. Overwatering the plant is a fear for beginners, but since in a wick system, overwatering isn’t a problem, it is an excellent choice for novice cannabis growers.


Aeroponics is a scientifically advanced hydroponic system where the plants remain hung in the air, and the water spray transfers nutrients to the roots. This method is gaining a lot of recognition among commercial cannabis growers. It also enables the production of high resin, plump, and healthy buds.


So, these are the various hydroponic setups that cannabis growers can try. The ideal system depends on the grower’s budget, time constraints, and expertise levels. Choosing a perfect system keeping in mind to preserve water and nutrients is crucial. Use the tips shared above to start your very own home CBD culture using an efficient water management system.